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Bitcoin can help Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube create higher levels of creditworthiness and trust, says Michael Saylor, Chairman/CEO at Microstrategy

“Bitcoin in particular is something that everybody can get to 24/7, 365 and that’s driving a lot of demand. I think that you are going to see that bitcoin is an international trust network. And so for companies like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube, they have issues with spam and cybersecurity. And one of the best ways for them to eliminate spam and upgrade cybersecurity is to integrate with bitcoin especially the lightning network in order to create higher levels of creditworthiness and trust with all of the cyber counterparties that are trading on their platforms.”Michael Saylor, Chairman/CEO at Microstrategy on Bloomberg Technology TV Show, 30 July 2021

Michael Saylor
Image Source: Blockchance

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