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Ethical Policy


Advertising is one of our revenue sources at Crypto Asset Buyer. While we permit ads that  promote the business of an advertiser such as a crypto company, we do not permit ads that directly promote a token by any company. Crypto Asset Buyer will not publish any ad from a company or individual  who has announced any fundraising event (such as an ICO). Also, any nature of ads that is not permitted under the Securities and Exchange Commission advertising rules may not be published on

Corrections to Publications 

If we made any factual errors in any of our publications, this will be corrected promptly upon discovery. For transparency, any corrections made to a publication will be disclosed at the bottom of the publication.

Coverage and Conflict of Interest

At, we strive to avoid any conflicts of interest that may influence our contents by minimizing our coverage of assets or companies in which we may have a financial interest. 


As long as it will affect their ability to impartially carry out their duties as a member of Crypto Asset Buyer, a Crypto Asset Buyer members will not accept coins, tokens, or any other products or merchandise from promotional events such as airdrops, contests, giveaways, etc.

Opinion Articles

Opinion articles written by team members or guest contributors are always clearly labeled as such and this will be uniquely distinguished from news contents on

Payments and Gifts

For the purpose of news content or similar contents such as Crypto Scoop and Crypto Punch for example, and reporters may never accept payment from any company or individual for coverage or preferential treatment. news content writer’s or reporters are prohibited from  accepting gifts from companies or individuals covers or is likely to cover. But this Prohibition does not apply to items such as a coffee mug, hat, T-shirt, or consumables such as food or beverages shared publicly at an event.)

Personal Investing values its credibility. We also respect the financial decisions of our team members. This is why we strive to ensure that the personal investments of team members do not conflict with the vision of Crypto Asset Buyer. Crypto Asset Buyer ensures that our team members do not misuse information they receive during the course of their duties for financial gain. Apart from personal investments of a Crypto Asset Buyer by virtue of his or her financial autonomy, for crypto-market research purposes, Crypto Asset Buyer members or a Crypto Asset Buyer team member may participate in a crypto asset purchase, sale, or use of crypto assets.

At Crypto Asset Buyer, each of our team members represent our corporate brand and values. While we respect the distinctive voice or express personal opinions of each team member, professional conduct is expected. Personal attacks, spread of unverified information, or other ethical or potentially illegal  actions that could result in reputational damage are highly discouraged by Crypto Asset Buyer. Our team members are prohibited from these.

If you are aware of any potential or actual ethical issue concerning any of our team members, please endeavour to inform us via We will take reasonable steps to respond and address issues raised. 

Pseudonymity of credible sources

Further, we will respect the pseudonymity of credible sources who have established reputations in the crypto community.

Sponsored Contents

Crypto Asset Buyer permits and publishes sponsored content on its site and such content will be explicitly labeled as sponsored.

A sponsored content is never written by a Crypto Asset Buyer writer or member. It will also be clearly separated and distinguished from sections of the that cover analysis, news, opinion articles, and research.