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Understanding the Metaverse and Top Metaverse Coins in the Crypto Market
Introduction to Stablecoins: USDT, USDC, and BUSD
What is BNB?
The Ethereum Merge: What the crypto asset buyer should know
Understanding the Pros and Cons of Memecoins as an Investor

Crypto Q & A

Get answers to frequently asked questions about crypto so you don't end up on the wrong side of crypto.

Liquidations: How do I minimize losses and avoid getting liquidated when trading futures?
How do you determine the liquidity of a crypto exchange? Copy
How do I manage investment risks in the crypto market?
How do hackers carry out phishing to access my crypto account (Coinbase as a case study)?
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30d change: -10.60%
Market Cap: $366.49 Billion
24H High/Low $19,385.79/$18,678.30

Crypto Crunch

Before your crypto assets moon or dump, stay ahead with happenings that impact on the crypto market.

With blockchain, entrepreneurs have equal opportunity to build 1 billion dollar companies-Abikure Tega, Founder & Team Lead, Kumo Wallet
Xend Launchpad: a Springboard for African Projects and Global Projects Focusing on Africa
The blockchain industry reached 1.54 million daily unique active wallets in quarter 3 2021, led by play-to-earn games, says The Dapp Industry Report
In adopting CBDCs, central banks should engage the private and public sectors and consider private digital money innovations, BIS CBDC report
With $1Trillion in crypto transactions within a year, Europe is now No. 1 crypto economy in the world.
  • ethereum Ethereum $1,340.343.19%
  • binancecoin BNB $278.312.39%
  • Solana Solana $33.726.31%
  • cardano Cardano $0.461.94%
  • algorand Algorand $0.38-0.32%
  • Avalanche Avalanche $17.902.55%
  • polkadot Polkadot $6.442.05%

Crypto Matters

Follow developments in crypto policy & regulations as well as read open opinions and press releases.

US Senate propose new regulation for cryptocurrencies, SEC overtaken by the CFTC
Crypto Lending: Using Cryptocurrency as Security for Fiat Loans and the Status of Cryptocurrency in Nigeria
To the Moon or to Goblin Town: Navigating the Murky Waters of the Crypto Space (II)
5 Lessons Nigeria and other crypto-unfriendly countries should learn from the Israeli Securities Authority (ISA)’s approach toward crypto regulation
PRESS RELEASE: Blockchain Technology is Not Cryptocurrency and Cryptocurrency is Not Unlawful in Nigeria: To All Public Agencies, Law Enforcement Agencies, Banks, and Other Institutions in Nigeria