Rank: # 1
1H change: -0.04%
24H change: 1.43%
Market Cap: $561.59 Billion
24H High/Low $29,626.00/$29,057.00

Crypto Companion

To the Moon or to Goblin Town: Navigating the Murky Waters of the Crypto Space
What will happen after all the 21 million bitcoins have been mined?
What is Bitcoin?

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Crypto Police

Nigeria SEC finally issues crypto regulation.
LUNA from the Moon to Ground Zero. Will price rise again?
Crypto Market Crash amidst Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD)
Nigeria to introduce rules for crypto and the virtual assets sector

Crypto Q & A

Liquidations: How do I minimize losses and avoid getting liquidated when trading futures?
How do you determine the liquidity of a crypto exchange? Copy
What is a cryptocurrency ETF?
How do you determine the liquidity of a crypto exchange?

Crypto Cunch

The blockchain industry reached 1.54 million daily unique active wallets in quarter 3 2021, led by play-to-earn games, says The Dapp Industry Report
In adopting CBDCs, central banks should engage the private and public sectors and consider private digital money innovations, BIS CBDC report
With $1Trillion in crypto transactions within a year, Europe is now No. 1 crypto economy in the world.

Crypto Secure

6 Ways hackers carry out phishing to access your crypto account (Coinbase as a case study)
Secure your crypto wallet by setting up two-factor authentication (2FA)
Why you need a multisig wallet to secure your crypto assets