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About Us

Welcome to Crypto Asset Buyer (CAB)! 


In May 2021, crypto asset buyers and investors suffered huge losses in the crypto market, particularly newbies. This was after the shockwaves the crypto market experienced due to certain factors at the time, including Elon Musk’s tweets about bitcoin energy consumption. Seeing the need for every crypto asset buyer—new or experienced—to insulate himself or herself from the volatility and uncertainties often associated with crypto assets, we built CAB.

With CAB, the central idea is to make easily accessible and available information today’s crypto asset buyer or investor needs to make informed decisions about crypto assets. This is through crypto education, market news, policy coverage, and more. This, we believe, will put the crypto asset buyer or investor in a better position to make decisions for themselves.


With CAB, there are 5 simple ways we wish to help crypto asset buyers insulate themselves:


1. Quality and accessible crypto education


Forget about the get-rich-quick stories you might have come across in the crypto space. Getting rich in crypto—at least safely and sustainably—will require that you invest in your knowledge base about crypto assets and blockchain technology applications generally. So even if you make it big overnight, you will need knowledge to keep you there. Make efforts to get a real feel of the industry and how the stuff work. With Crypto Companion, CAB will equip you—particularly the new and inexperienced crypto Asset buyer—with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions when buying or investing in crypto assets. Also, Crypto Q&A takes crypto education to another level by answering commonly asked questions about crypto. 


2. Reliable, no-hype crypto market data


The crypto market is generally high-risk. Having fingertip access to the right information at the right time about crypto assets you are interested in buying or investing in is critical to successfully minimizing these risks. This is where Crypto Market  comes in. In Crypto Market, you enjoy access to information and insight that rely on current crypto-market data, helping you to enable you make the right decisions. Apart from Crypto Market, we have also introduced Crypto Crunch where we share crypto-industry insight across various segments of the global crypto industry, including CeFi and DeFi. We do not give financial advice.


3. Easy Navigation of crypto market segments and blockchain ecosystems


In a market such as the crypto-asset market where things don’t only move fast but also with a seemingly unendingly big horizon, it is easy to feel or get lost. Even experienced crypto Asset buyers or investors can (and indeed) feel overwhelmed from time to time. While trying to settle down with existing projects on existing blockchains, new projects and sometimes with new blockchains and ecosystems drop in the  crypto-asset market every now and then. This is why being able to easily navigate the market is vital. At the CAB, helping you easily navigate the crypto-market segments and ecosystems is one of our major goals. We give you that big-picture look without denying you access to market-data details.


4. Awareness about the crypto industry


As crypto players ourselves, we know how vital it is to be on top of what’s going on in the crypto space. Especially at this early stage of the emergence of crypto assets, news of a crypto scam, a crypto-exchange hack, enforcement action by a regulator, or even a tweet by a big name could impact the crypto market. Often, this affects the price value of crypto assets, thus significantly affecting crypto asset buyers or investors. This is why the CAB has designed Crypto Scoop. With Crypto Scoop, you will (really) be on top of the situation.


5. Supporting policy development through objectivity

The crypto industry is awash with the good, the bad, and the ugly. Against such ‘Wild Wild West’ backdrop, it is easy to understand why there are genuine concerns over the risks often associated with crypto adoption, especially in the mainstream banking and financial sector across the world. Should policy ‘nip crypto in the bud’, should it promote innovation, or should it just focus on consumer protection and investor safety regardless of the technology adopted by innovators?  Because we understand that the direction policy takes or will take often has great impact on the crypto market and the industry generally, we have introduced Crypto Policy. Crypto Policy covers the most important and potentially consequential policy and regulatory developments in the crypto space.


At CAB, both new and experienced crypto asset buyers get to learn more about the crypto assets they wish to buy or invest in before taking the bite.

Senator Ihenyen, Founding Editor, Crypto Asset Buyer (CAB)