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Crypto Police

Crypto Police is how we help you police the crypto space, from scam alerts to buzz and news that have potential or real impact on the crypto market so you are always on top of happenings that matter in the crypto industry.


The ups and downs in the crypto market can be quite a roller coaster! Besides crypto volatility, there are security risks often associated with cryptocurrencies and virtual assets. You need to keep yourself safe from these risks. You also need to stay on top of the buzz and news in the fast-moving crypto space.

This is where Crypto Police comes in, armed with Crypto Secure, Crypto Punch, and Crypto Scoop. With Crypto Police, you can’t be caught napping!

With Crypto Secure, you will have access to cybersecurity tips as well as alerts and updates about possible Ponzi schemes, scams, and other reported illegal crypto assets out there. Apart from consumer protection and investor safety, Crypto Police polices the crypto space through Crypto Punch and Crypto Scoop. While Crypto Punch lets you stay up to date with what players in the crypto space are saying, Crypto Scoop lets you know the buzz and trending news in the crypto space.