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Smooth Love Potion (SLP) makes a big move; could pump even further

Smooth Love Potion (SLP) seems to have woken up after taking a long sleep around 0.06 to 0.07 support level for several days. The price increased by over 80% in the last 24 hours. On Binance, SLP opened the daily candle with 0.682 and it is currently trading around $0.12 per coin. 

Crypto Victor using TradingView

SLP could still pump further, after a retest.

SLP could still make some more beautiful moves as it’s about 68 percent below it’s ATH price of 0.399727.

Today alone, SLP broke two resistance levels and still looking upward. There could be a possible retest around the 0.1 level before another leg up.

SLP tokens is a crypto coin that can be earned by playing the Axie Infinity game which is used as a replacement for experience points to breed digital pets. SLP is currently ranked at 272, with a market cap of about $270,000,000 according to Coingecko.

The crypto asset buyer should be careful not to chase pumps. As one simple way to make profit in the crypto market is buying the dip of good crypto projects and wait for the coin to pump. If data is anything to go by, with good projects with all the right fundamentals, pump day will eventually come. Be alert!


  • Amah, Chimgozirim
    Posted November 5, 2021 6:21 am

    Lovely piece on SLP. Pls keep up the good work by letting us know Cryptocurrencies that might help us Lambo.

  • Christopher Okon Etim
    Posted November 5, 2021 8:22 am

    You’re right ✅

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