U.S. SEC Chairman Garry Gensler is a powerful but dangerous voice around blockchain use cases and regulation, warns Marc Powers

Marc Powers who teaches “Blockchain, Crypto and Regulatory Considerations” and “Fintech Law” as an adjunct professor at Florida International University College of Law, has described U.S. Securities and Exchange Chairman Garry Gensler as “not only a powerful voice in the debate around blockchain use cases and regulatory considerations but also a dangerous one.”

How Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp downtime affected the crypto market

Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp—three major social media sites owned by Facebook—all went down on Monday 4 October just as cryptocurrency or crypto asset prices surged. The three sites went down at 16:36pm (GMT), cutting communications for over 2.5 billion people globally for up to 8 hours.In less than 2 hours, bitcoin (BTC) went up from $47,166 above $49,000, increasing by over...

How up to 6,000 Coinbase customers were hacked after reportedly falling victim of phishing

Coinbase has suffered an authentication hack which ended up affecting up to 6,000 customers, according to a breach-notification letter the crypto exchange sent to affected customers. This hack may be one of the largest hacks to have been suffered by Coinbase.The hack was due to a flaw in Coinbase's multi-factor authentication system which the hacker(s) explored to gain access into the...

Bitcoin can help Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube create higher levels of creditworthiness and trust, says Michael Saylor, Chairman/CEO at Microstrategy

Recently, the price of the digital currency, Bitcoin, has risen to above $700, a multi-month high. In fact, Bitcoin is up around 16% over the past 30 days and up 62% year to date - making it the second best performing currency asset of the year so far, behind Ether, another digital currency based on blockchain technology.