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AAX successfully organizes ‘I CAN TRADE’, expanding crypto education and adoption in Nigeria

Through ‘I CAN TRADE’ campaign in Nigeria, AAX takes crypto education to Nigerians, introducing them to not only crypto but also crypto-trading tools offered on the AAX Exchange, a world-class crypto exchange.

Nigeria, 25 April 2022—AAX, a leading blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrency exchange provider, has successfully organized its ‘I CAN TRADE’ campaign in Nigeria, expanding the horizons of cryptocurrency education and adoption in Nigeria as it pushes AAX platform to new users. 

AAX believes that getting more Nigerians to begin to embrace blockchain technology and exploring its features and benefits starts with engaging blockchain and crypto communities through awareness and education. 

As a result, AAX9JA recently organized the ‘I CAN TRADE’ campaign in collaboration with 10 Nigerian blockchain and crypto-trading communities to educate people on blockchain and cryptocurrency as well as train them on how to trade on AAX Exchange.

On the first day of the campaign, the AAX Nigeria Manager David Effiong shared useful information on the benefits of crypto trading and basic features on the AAX platform. After his presentation, David introduced AAX regional Director Anton Gulin. Anton responded to questions from participants.


I can trade

The communities involved in the ‘I CAN TRADE’ campaign in Nigeria are:

  1. Blockchain Education Invasion (BEI) anchored by Mike-B Etefia
  2. Marvelous Macaulay anchored by Marvelous Macaulay
  3. Cryptohills anchored by Hillary Azubuike
  4. Ginakev Digital Academy – GIDA anchored by Kevin Chibuoyim
  5. CryptoxAfrica anchored by Michael Jerry
  6. Skyrole Academy anchored by Hope Ovat
  7. Soluvic Crypto Hub anchored by Victor Solomon
  8. Blockchain UNIBEN anchored by Anuoluwapo Adeleke
  9. Make We Gist Crypto anchored by Jorian Emmanuel
  10. GIBHUB Academy anchored by Datimfon Akpan

According to Michael Wong, Chief Operating Officer at AAX Exchange, “AAX aims to bring the integrity, performance, and security of traditional markets to both retail and institutional users. We hope to put our users at ease with the knowledge and confidence that they can trade in crypto markets on a safe and trusted platform.”

The campaign, which provided participants with the opportunity of being trained on how to navigate the AAX Exchange, complete KYC, deposit funds, and trade on the AAX platform, commenced on Monday 18 April and ended on Sunday 24 April 2022. 

‘I CAN TRADE’ was a success with over 500 persons in attendance.

It would be recalled that recently AAX took blockchain and cryptocurrency awareness and education to Nigerian universities, as we reported here.

AAX, led by the Country Manager (Nigeria) Davizoe Effiong, continues to push blockchain & cryptocurrency awareness and education in Nigeria. AAX is a world-class exchange that ensures safe, trusted, and secure digital asset trading for all.


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