Crypto Market Analysis: As bitcoin gains from expected US bitcoin ETF, altcoins are set for a bullish run.

Currently, there is support around the $58,000$60,000 zone for bitcoin (BTC). This support could be retested.

When tested, the current support is very likely to hold, following recent news about the first-ever U.S bitcoin futures ETF about to kick off next week following a tacit approval by the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

BTC dominance is currently about 46% of the crypto market. This implies that BTC has continued to attract most of the funds entering into the crypto market this period. 

But it is expected that altcoins will see some good times soon because as soon as BTC stabilizes, altcoins will most likely tilt towards bullish times.

As the market expects a bull run for altcoins, the crypto asset buyer should be interested in altcoins with solid fundamentals and good use cases.

Disclaimer: This is not a financial advice. Kindly manage your risk wisely as CAB will not be responsible for losses generated from your investments.



  1. Amah, Chimgozirim

    Awesome news. I hope BTC holds at $60k and then moons

  2. Christopher Okon Etim

    Pls when exactly are we expecting the alt bulls?

    1. Solomon Victor

      Thank you very much for your comment Christopher. The answer to this question is actually in the article. Alts will see their rally when BTC relaxes. So the smartest thing the crypto asset buyer should do is to accumulate some good Alts as we anticipate the moves. Thank you very much again.

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