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Editorial Policy

The editorial policy of Crypto Asset Buyer is based on impartiality, objectivity, and authenticity of information and news related to crypto assets and blockchain technology.

We are Independent

Crypto Asset Buyer does not have any interest from any other company or controlled by any other company or firm. We provide news, research, analysis, educational contents, and reviews about crypto assets and the crypto market.

Our Commitment to Authenticity of Content

We try our best to deliver our readers with objectivity, accuracy, and responsible reporting of news and reviews about crypto assets. Our Editorial team believes in unbiased and authentic information. 

Responsibility of Editors

Before the publication of an article, it is thoroughly explored by an editor to check whether it is based on facts or not. Our editorial team is impartial and is free from any interest. We update the readers about the crypto market and blockchain ecosystem. The market data we provide through Crypto Player, Crypto Navigator, and other market-data pages are market data sourced from third-party sites we integrate with. We do not provide financial advice.

No Conflict of  Interest.

Crypto Asset Buyer is an independent entity which give current trend about crypto assets and developments globally. The authors provide high quality content free from any influence and interest. Authors’ opinions do not necessarily reflect that of Crypto Asset Buyer. Where there is any conflict of interest, real or potential, this will be disclosed in the publication.

If you find any problem or issue with an article, please feel free to contact us at