U.S. SEC Chairman Garry Gensler is a powerful but dangerous voice around blockchain use cases and regulation, warns Marc Powers

Marc Powers who teaches “Blockchain, Crypto and Regulatory Considerations” and “Fintech Law” as an adjunct professor at Florida International University College of Law, has described U.S. Securities and Exchange Chairman Garry Gensler as “not only a powerful voice in the debate around blockchain use cases and regulatory considerations but also a dangerous one.”

While U.S. Regulators have no plans to ban crypto, Congress wants regulators to take action on crypto regulation

The Chairman of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (U.S. SEC), Gary Gensler has again reiterated that the financial regulator has no plan to ban crypto. This makes it the second time in one week he would say this. He however hinted that the Congress is likely to take harsher action in this regard.